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Mission And Identity Of Living With Christ Missal- Ghana

Living With Christ MissalLiving With Christ Missal  is a monthly Missal designed to help the faithful come to an appreciation of the Living Word of God and the Eucharist. It is published by the Bayard Press, an internationally acclaimed publishing company with its headquarters in Paris, France. It is under the auspices of the Assumptionists Religious Congregation.The first edition to be published in Ghana was in December, 2014. Since its inception, we have been bringing the faithful to an active, full and conscious participation in the Eucharistic celebration while at the sametime bring them to appreciate or get acquainted with local spiritual customs and ecclesiastical events. Among the novelties of this publication are: the Mass,and it’s structure with explanation, daily readings and reflections, teachings on very pertinent doctrinal and faith issues.

We have no doubt at all that this publication will not only enrich you personally but enable you to participate well in the Eucharistic celebration and Church life.